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While I was pregnant I knew that I had to be extra careful. My grandmother died from diabetes and my pregnancy was therefore at risk of gestational diabetes. I was carrying not one but two babies. I was aware that with my genetic background, eating refined sugar was not an option. My only problem was my cravings.

It started to become harder and harder to resist the temptations. My mother taught me that when a woman is pregnant she must eat what she has been craving for. I listened to her and was asking my husband to please try and find me a great dark chocolate that would be free of any refined and chemical sugar or sweetener, dairy, GMO... Nothing worked. The taste was not there or it was loaded with bad ingredients. I could not satisfy myself with anything.

That's when I realized I had to do it myself. I made my first batch of truffles (it took me two weeks to research and three days to make them) and guarded each one of them very carefully. I did not want to share. They were delicious. They were mine.

One of my best friends came one day and asked me to try. I refused. She did not take no for an answer and tried one anyway. Her reaction was phenomenal. She said to me: "Stop all your projects. This is what you need to do". And that's how HNINA was created.

I had to wait a little bit because I injured myself when my babies were three months old. This was good in a way because I was able to breastfeed them for a long time and had plenty of "down" time to think of other recipes for delicious truffles loaded with nutrients. I wish I would have had my HNINA's chocolates during that time. Unfortunately I could not really walk or stand for quite a while so I could not make any.

If you chose to breastfeed and would love to provide yourself with a treat and your baby with good nutrition then HNINA is your chocolate to go. The protein and nutrient loads contained in the chocolate will provide you and baby with some wonderful benefits. (Please see the Nutritional Information pages in this site.)

If I would not have been pregnant, HNINA would not have been created. That's the reason why I think about you and hope that HNINA will provide you as much satisfaction as it did for me while pregnant.HNINA Gourmet Chocolates heart

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