Traceability is part of brand cores values. It is simply so essential for us to make a beautiful product.

The purity of the taste comes from the high quality of the raw ingredients and the work of the farmer who took care of them using no pesticides or GMO.

The soil they grow is preserved and rich of its natural minerals.

Our products are clean because their ingredients are organic, wholesome, nutrients dense, and unprocessed.

We source each of our providers very carefully.

We do not use any blend, summer coating or couverture chocolate created with multiple origins of cacao by another chocolate maker or processed raw cacao powder.

Our raw organic nuts and raw organic seeds come from local farms or the highest quality sources worldwide. 

All our raw ingredients and specifically our raw organic nuts and our raw seeds are never pasteurized, radiated, steamed or fumigated and always certified organic. They are traceable. They are grown and processed using organic regulation methods.  They are clean.


Organic raw cacao mass and raw cacao butter - Dominican Republic

Organic raw hazelnuts - Oregon or Turkey

Organic raw macadamia nuts - Hawaii.
Organic raw pistachios, raw almonds and raw walnuts - California

Organic raw pine nuts  - United States or Italy
Organic raw pecan nuts - United States

Organic raw sunflower and flaxseeds - North Dakota or Canada

Organic raw Sesame seeds - United States

Organic raw pumpkin seeds - United States

Organic raw cashews - Brazil
Organic raw coconut - Sri Lanka or Philippines

Organic raw Brazil nuts - Bolivia

Organic maple syrup - Vermont

Organic raw honey - Mexico or Canada
Organic dates - California

Organic raw vanilla beans – Papua New Guinea

*sources subject to availability

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