Sprouted Snacks

Our raw sprouted seeds crackers are composed of 5 real wholesome ingredients:

  • Organic certified raw sprouted flax seeds
  • Organic certified raw sprouted sesame seeds
  • Organic certified raw sprouted pumpkin seeds
  • Organic certified raw sprouted sunflower seeds
  • Organic certified pure maple syrup from Vermont

Our sprouted seeds snacks come as little raw crackers that are delicious, crispy, nourishing and ready to feed you inside out.

Gourmet can be found in snacking without the help of harmful inflammatory ingredients, just by using beautiful raw sprouted seeds and nothing else!

Our sprouted nuts are composed of 4 real wholesome ingredients:

  1. Organic certified raw sprouted hazelnuts
  2. Organic certified raw sprouted almonds
  3. Organic certified raw sprouted pistachios
  4. Organic certified pure maple syrup from Vermont

We tried to recreate the French praline called “chouchou” by sweetening it lightly with a glaze of organic pure maple syrup.

Crunchy, nourishing, delicious and absolutely satiating, our raw sprouted nuts snacks are the perfect companion before or after an intense training and hike.

A handful of those raw sprouted nuts will provide you with real food nourishment and nutrients.

You will get protein, vitamins, minerals that are absorbable by your body as the phytic acid that the nuts naturally contain have been neutralized with the sprouting process.  

It is just incredible to see how real food can be so delicious and concomitantly good for you.

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