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Shelf Life, Storage & Serving Suggestions > SHELF LIFE, STORAGE & SERVING SUGGESTIONS

We use no dairy and the moisture content of our products is nominal providing little opportunity for spoilage and pathogen growth.  No ingredients are perishable.  Reasonable prudence is nevertheless advised and refrigeration is always a good idea for long term storage.

For freshness reasons we suggest any of our products are Best Used By 6 months after creation and such date is indicated on each product.

Inappropriate long term storage may however affect freshness.  Our recommendations are as follows:

Chocolate Bloom is a natural occurrence in chocolate, where the exterior develops a slight whitening.  It does not affect the taste, texture or nutritional content of the product unless severe due to long improper storage.  Pure, preservative and emulsifier free chocolate such as Hnina's may develop light chocolate bloom sooner than most commercial chocolates which are additive laden.  We will not use such additives and wear chocolate bloom as a badge of honor.  The condition will not likely occur for many months and even longer than one year if refrigerated and sealed, but may develop sooner in unprotected fluctuating temperatures.
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