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Since Vanessa (middle name Hnina) was a child growing up in Paris, her universe has been influenced by diverse smells, flavors and culinary traditions from different parts of the world.

Her multicultural background provided her the opportunity to appreciate the French refined chocolats and patisseries, the delicious Italian gelati and gianduja, the flavorful kaesekuchen from Eastern Europe, and the crunchy boulou and honey based desserts from Tunisia.

Her grandmothers from Tunis and Czernowitz, taught her that wholesome homemade fermented, sprouted and traditional cooked food is medicine.

Her French roots, international travels, and recent years living in NYC + California, have taught her not only the most cutting edge essential rules of nutrition and a balanced diet, but how to adapt them to local philosophies and lifestyles.

Vanessa is recreating traditional cooking recipes and desserts from three continents with love, unprocessed super foods and veggies.

Her favorite thing is to transform the unhealthiest recipes into the most amazing healthy gourmet treats. Raw cacao, sprouted nuts & seeds, dates, raw honey, pure maple syrup, and vanilla beans are the exclusive ingredients in her pristine palette of HNINA products to date.

But at home, greens, beans and squashes are most of the time the foundation for her desserts. No more cream, flour, processed food and anything that she does not make herself.  Vanessa hopes to introduce those into future HNINA product lines.

Traditions, culture, languages, passion, creativity, pleasure, taste, , ethics, quality, functional foods and, of course, purity, sustainability and traceability are HNINA's founding principles.

Vanessa's passion comes from her insistence that food must be both delicious and good for you. Bridging this gap between delicious and nourishing has been her goal.

She loves healthy gourmet food with special textures, flavors, smells, taste and nutrition. She can't live without dark chocolate and nuts…yes,

She's nuts about chocolate!

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