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Hnina Raw Dark Chocolate Assorted Boulder Compostable Box

Our philosophy is based on Epicure the ancient Greek philosopher who lived between 341 and 270 BC and said: "The beginning and root of every good is the pleasure of the stomach."

We think that our ancestors understood that to eat well means to eat something delicious and concomitantly good for you. Raw dark chocolate, the functional yet delicious super food provokes a feeling of instant satisfaction.

Because it is loaded with so many nutrients per calorie, raw dark chocolate becomes an ecstatic experience which is also truly good for you.

It is all about guilt free pleasure, pure pleasure.

Our philosophy of delicious and healthy food is represented by the three "H's":

A. Happy: HNINA is first and foremost a wonderfully tasting chocolate. It is so delicious that it will put a big smile on your face. No guilt is required as when you eat any of Hnina's seven raw dark chocolate truffles your body is also happy from the sensational nutrition they provide.

B. Health: To understand what we put into our body and understand the reason why the flavors are so good we must look at each of our ingredients, their specific attributes and the way we mix them together. Sprouting our nuts, choosing the best quality non-GMO, pesticides-free, non-radiated, nutrient-dense plant components devoid of any refined sugar creates a non-acidic low PH food with focus on proteins, antioxidants and vitamins.

C. Holistic: Our commitment to quality comes from the fact that we are not separating the benefits of delicious taste from those of health. We are bridging the gap between those two dimensions of healthy and gourmet and focusing on the emotion and act of savoring.

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