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Hnina Raw Dark Chocolate Pebble Walnut + Cashew Pairing with White Wine

Pairing white wine with Hnina’s raw dark chocolate truffles may be challenging.

But HNINA's raw dark chocolate truffles can also be a perfect match with a delicious white wine.

Because all HNINA's raw dark chocolate truffles are deep, intense and enjoy the flavors of the different sprouted nuts or sprouted seeds, the ideal choice will be an intense, sweet and flavorful wine.

The wine should be just slightly sweeter than your raw dark chocolate.

Gewürztraminer or Moscato are wonderful examples. Many white wines are on the dryer sides with very little residual sugar.

You can certainly enjoy HNINA's sprouted nuts snacks and Hnina’s raw dark chocolate truffles with dryer wines but never pair Champagne with raw dark chocolate.

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