Dark Chocolate Tasting


How to properly taste raw dark chocolate?

The raw chocolate must be dark. Be sure to taste between meals, in a quiet environment to allow the five senses of fully participate in the tasting.

The site should be around 65-68 degrees, without any annoying dominant sounds or smells.

It is also important not to eat anything for the following 20 minutes to allow the palate to continue and receive the aromas and then be able to assess persistence.

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VIEW: The first impression is the one with the appearance of the raw dark chocolate. SMELL: The raw dark chocolate should smell in order to be able to perceive all the flavors that vary greatly among aromatic raw dark chocolates. HEARING: The sound should be a snap dry, decisive sign of a good crystallization of the raw dark chocolate. This element can, however, vary with temperature and humidity of the environment. TASTE: The raw dark chocolate should be placed in the mouth, broken and eaten slowly so that the particles have greater contact with the palate.

At this point, the aromas are released in the mouth. The basic elements of raw dark chocolates can be assessed:
- Its intensity (the amount of aroma perceived),
- Its richness (amount of aromatic tones),
- Its fineness (quality of aromas in their entirety).

Finally the perceptions of the secondary aromas arise:
- Its persistence (how long the aroma of raw dark chocolate "remains" in the mouth even after swallowing).

An elegant chocolate must balance all elements.

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