Dark Chocolate Flavors


Raw Dark Chocolate Boulders, Bricks, Rocks Hazelnut + Almond

The flavors of a raw healthy dark chocolate are composed of 600 molecules.

Aromas and taste of raw dark chocolate are the direct result of the raw cacao bean's journey from inception to processing and are the result of the following:

  • The aromas inherently present in the raw beans as they grow.
  • The post-harvest aromas that appear after the raw beans are fermented and dried.
  • The thermal aromas that emanate from roasting the beans.

Please note that our raw chocolate is fermented in small batches so that it temperature never goes too high. Our raw dark chocolate  is not roasted.

Flavors and flavonoids content in raw dark chocolate may be affected by exterior conditions such as soil, weather, the recipe and handling on the finished product.

At HNINA, we choose our raw cacao very carefully and focus on single-origin raw cacao.

We are careful to use only small amounts of raw cacao butter in order to increase the solid raw cacao content, reduce fat and achieve the best raw chocolate consistency for our 88% raw cacao creations.

By doing so we focus on preserving the flavors concentrated intrinsically in the raw cacao bean and its delicate processing.


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