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WARM WEATHER WARNING We try our best and almost always succeed in protecting your chocolate against melting.  We use ice packs and insulation.  We also time shipment to minimize the risk of melting, sometime delaying shipment in which case we will notify you.  However, while chances are your chocolate will arrive safely we cannot guarantee it. Ice packs may only last 24-48 hours and ground shipping may take longer.  If temperatures are in the mid-80's we recommend you consider express shipping.  Please note we're in Los Angeles where it may be warmer than where you are.  You will receive email package tracking notices. Regardless of shipping method, please be sure someone is there to take any chocolate into cool indoor safety immediately upon arrival.  Unfortunately, no refunds or replacements will be provided for heat damaged product.  We hope to maintain our near melt free record but wanted you to be aware of the risks. Thank you!
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