Raw Chocolate Sprouted Nut Clusters

85% Dark Raw Chocolate & Sprouted Nut Clusters
Organic USDA Certified Ingredients
Non-GMO Certified
Kosher Certified
Vegan Certified
Fair Trade Certified Cacao


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All Organic Ingredients: Raw cacao mass, raw cacao butter,  sprouted nuts,  coconut chips (in Almond+Coconut only), pure maple syrup, pure vanilla beans, nothing else!

Love chocolate covered nut clusters but looking for a healthy approach?

Love Hnina truffles but looking for a less costly way to achieve the same health benefit of organic raw chocolate & sprouted nuts?

The same pure ingredients used in our truffles find their way into our line of clusters.

We use the same raw chocolate, sprouted nuts, pure maple syrup and vanilla used in our truffles, but presented in the traditional cluster form allowing you to enjoy our purist approach, but avoid the cost associated with very labor intensive truffles.

You will notice that while we use the same 85% dark chocolate, the caramelized pure maple syrup binding the sprouted nuts adds an extra sweetness not found in our truffles.  But worry not, pure maple syrup is highly nourishing non-inflammatory sweetener.

These handcrafted gourmet raw dark clusters are loaded with healthy fat, omegas, antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, vitamins and contain no gluten, GMO, sodium, dairy, emulsifiers, processed ingredients or refined sugar.  They are also paleo. 

Your gut flora will love the fermented raw cacao and activated nuts.  When the nuts are sprouted they come alive, yielding more nutrients and living enzymes.  Even more importantly, the "anti-nutrient" enzyme inhibitor Phytic Acid is naturally removed allowing for the complete digestion of all the wonderful nutrients.

Time to enjoy a traditional favorite a-la Hnina!  You know what we say.  Hnina is to die for...not from!

Approximate net weight: .5 - 1 oz each (sold in 1/2lb & 1lb bags, as well as an assortment box)

Allergen statement:  Contains nuts and tree nuts.  May contain pieces of shells.

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