The ultimate most nutritious and delicious mother's day Gift

May 03, 2018

Hnina organic Raw dark chocolate truffles are composed of raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts, vanilla beans either pure maple syrup or raw honey.

While some would shy away from giving gifts during special occasions, there are a few who go the extra mile just to celebrate Mother's Day and give their mom a beautiful chocolate box. Some will even go for a delicious organic raw dark chocolate truffles made with sprouted nuts and sprouted seeds.

Hnina Raw Dark Chocolate Bricks are composed of organic raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts

Now that I am a mom I can't tell you enough how incredible yet exalting and exhausting to be a mom can be. We basically forget ourselves for a few years to make sure that our little babies grow and thrive. Mother's day is the only day Moms are getting into the receiving mode rather than giving like they are commonly used to do.

Thoughtful gift for mother's day is composed of pure raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts

Somehow society does not really reward moms for their hard work. But this day says it all. It is dedicated for our moms and we should all think about it as a privilege to let them know how we love them and proving it not only with words. 

Organic raw dark chocolate made with raw coconut, sprouted Brazil nuts and sprouted almonds

Hnina started because of pregnancy cravings. The other interesting fact is women transmission is incredible. From generation to generation in my Mother's side, women used to soak their nuts prior to dry, slightly roast and eat them. 

Hnina is composed of organic raw dark chocolate, sprouted nuts, vanilla beans, a little pure maple or raw honey. Pure goodness.

We are all about mommies, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

I think that during those critical period our body is asking for nutrients and very specific needs are developed.  Our bodies are transformed to accommodate and welcome our guests inside of us. Somehow cravings can be interpreted as sweet comfort food when in reality it wants to be fed. Hnina just bridge the gap of both worlds decadence and nourishment. 

Hnina Organic Raw dark chocolate truffles are composed of raw dark chocolate and sprouted macadamias and sprouted pistachios

It provides the bio available nutrients mommy and baby need which take the form of protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

The nuts and seeds are all sprouted and the organic raw cacao is pure unprocessed and originates from a pure organic raw cacao bean paste.

Hnina Organic pure Raw Dark Chocolate truffles are composed of pure raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts or sprouted seeds

The little amounts of sweeteners that Hnina adds into its raw organic chocolate and sprouted nut truffles, sprouted spreads, and pure organic raw dark chocolate tablets are loaded with enzymes (Pure maple syrup, dates or raw honey) and are so nourishing.

The raw organic pure vanilla beans adds so much flavor into a dream blend of textures, nutrition, taste and decadence. 

Hnina sprouted truffles are made with organic raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts while being enclosed into a compostable packaging.

Hnina slightly sweeten their produce for a reason. Sugar is poison and even if used in small amounts. Acidic nutrients deprived food is inflammatory. Too sweet is not an option when we aim at being healthy.   

So why not offering something that will make our moms really happy this time and getting them pure raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts truffles? Also, sharing is caring. Hnina shares responsibility for our soil and our Earth and uses only compostable bags and boxes. So while you truly nourish your body with healthy decadent treats, you will feel no guilt by wasting our common global resources

To please with pure goodness and give a guilt free gift Hnina is the way to go for our moms. 

Happy mother's day to all of us and to all our beautiful mommies. Thank you all for choosing us!




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 Six years ago my life changed in a way that only happens when you’re expecting (twins)….

and I was craving chocolate….BAD!

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