Raw Dark chocolate + sprouted nuts detoxing while nourishing myself with decadence

April 25, 2018 1 Comment

Organic raw dark chocolate and plant based mousse are ideal while detoxing and make the most decadent cakes.

Cleaning our bodies from inside is the most important treat we can do to ourselves. Detoxing allows us to clean our bodies. By doing so, we allow our gut to be clean and fully functioning. I love the book of Dr. Junger which is the detox I feel is the most effective and provide long term results. Basically you eat one lunch made of solid food (not broken down) while in the evening and morning you get 2 liquid meals (pre-digested). You need to leave 12 hours between the last evening meal and the first one in the morning. 

The change of season and especially spring is the occasion to clean everything around us so why not including ourselves...?

Hnina Healthy Sprouted spread combination made with all organic ingredients: raw cacao mass, sprouted nuts, date and vanilla beans

The morning liquid meal is extremely important to me because it is the one that alkalinizes our bodies and provides so many incredible nutrients. I often start with a green smoothie made from greens such as Romaine lettuce, kale, ginger, cucumber, celery, dandelions and lemon. I like to add some spirulina, gelatinized maca, Moringa leaves and ashwagandha. Then I usually train and eat my breakfast (or snack). 

I have been really thinking of a way to nourish my body with some predigested "liquidy" nutrients dense plant food that are delicious. So I make those incredible mousse vegetables cake and add into it Nuts About Chocolate Coconut  which is loaded with MCT oils, delicious broken down protein, fiber, antioxidants which are contained naturally into the sprouted nuts, raw cacao and in the vegetables. Because the mixtures goes into the blender, everything is even more broken down. 

I add on top Nuts About Chocolate Hazelnuts + Almonds which contains 5 grams of broken down pure unprocessed protein, tons of fiber and no refined sugar in a spoon. 

Nuts About Chocolate is made of organic raw dark chocolate and sprouted nuts which is so nutrients dense

The feeling of satiation while eating food that is so delicious is incredible. The best in all of this is that when you eat a little, it brings you so much nutrients that you are already full. 

This detox allows us to sleep, to think and to focus much better. We often over eat and most of us don't really focus on nutrients but more on this feeling of addictive comforting sweetness that is actually so toxic to the body. 

Pure organic raw cacao mass

So while being true that our spreads are not the sweetest, they are actually able to get ride of sweet craving and other addictive habits because of the load of nutrients organic raw dark cacao and the sprouted nuts bring to our body. 

I just think that eating satiating food that is concomitantly delicious and nourishing should be what we should aim at.

Vegetable mousse with Hnina Fairtrade organic raw dark chocolate on top

Raw dark chocolate, sprouted nuts and especially our sprouted spread which are composed of just raw cacao and sprouted nuts that are broken down make the most incredible detox breakfast. 

Happy satisfying detox everyone. 

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Denise Blanton
Denise Blanton

May 03, 2018

Detoxing programs are the best way to lose weight naturally and change your body chemistry to help keep it off long-term. Dieting and fasting can lead to the yo-yo diet that everyone is heard of that can do even more harm to your body by packing on extra pounds. Stick to a good, solid and proven detox program to “reset” your body back into fat burning mode.

There are a lot of detox programs out there and I know most of us have tried them all. I found one from the healthy tipster @ https://healthytipster.wordpress.com/2018/05/01/red-tea-detox-is-real/ that has worked wonders for me. It is super easy to stick with for the long term. I hope it helps you too!

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