HNINA Raw Chocolate, Sprouted Snacks & Sprouted Spread Review

June 18, 2020

HNINA Raw Chocolate, Sprouted Snacks & Sprouted Spread Review

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Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hnina Gourmet Product Review

For reviewing today, I received three products from a company named Hnina.

Vanessa is the creator of Hnina products, and the name of the company comes from Vanessa's own middle name. Vanessa grew up in Paris where she was culinary influenced by the different parts of the flavors and smells. Now Vanessa creates and transforms the unhealthiest recipes, into amazing healthy ones, that are her own take on gourmet treats. The ingredients Vanessa use's today are, raw chocolate, sprouted nuts & seeds, dates, pure maple syrup and vanilla beans are the main components in the HNINA food collection to date.

The three products I received have very natural ingredients so I want to take a minute and tell you what a few of them mean.

On the package of Hnina products, you will see the word sprouted. First of all, what are sprouted nuts and seeds? Sprouting is the procedure of soaking any seeds, grains , nuts or legumes in water for a period of time, allowing them to sprout and germinate further enhancing the digestibility of sprouts, nuts and seeds. The end results of Sprouting tends to increase the nutrient levels of grain, legume, vegetable, nut or seed. Sprouts also contain lower levels of anti-nutrients, helping to make it easier for your body to digest all the nutrients they contain.

The second ingredient you read on the labels of Hnina products are cacao. The botanical term for the tree that creates chocolate is Theobroma Cacao. The term cacao derives from the people of Olmec who populated what is now Mexico, and it is claimed to be the nearest pronouncement to the original name of the fruit. History reveals that chocolate then changed hands from the Olmec to the Mayan to the Spanish. The term cacao is the only term ever used in all of the Hispanic languages to characterize what English speakers think of as cocoa. In reality, it is commonly accepted that the term cocoa emerged in a spelling error a mistake that was never changed, and therefore considered harder to pronounce which became very effective in overtaking the appropriate type. Cacao are beans that have not been roasted, and in turn is labeled cacao raw bean. There is no additives in Cacao and it makes it a very vegan friendly chocolate. 


Now for the Hnina gourmet raw cacao sprouted spread of hazelnut plus almond, I made a bread. The spread has spRouted almonds, hazelnuts, cacao, dates and real vanilla bean. The spread is also organic, non gmo, vegan, kosher and a part of fair trade products. The bread came out very moist, and all through every bite you get a delicious taste of the raw dark chocolate, along with the sprouted nuts. It was a very smooth spread that work well with my other ingredients to create this bread. Since the Hnina spread is so full of ingredients and body I did not need the whole jar to flavor my bread. I have enough left over to spread on some sesame crackers later in the week. The Hnina raw cacao sprouted spread hazelnut plus almond is so full of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and very healthy fats, plus vitamins. Tasting the spread on a teaspoon, was just delicious. I can see using this spread on fruit, waffles, or eating it right out the jar.


The next item from Hnina is a bar of raw dark chocolate. This has the raw cacao, pure maple syrup, and vanilla bean as the only ingredients. This product is also organic, non gmo, vegan and kosher, as well as a fair trade product. In every bite you get so many nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. You would never guess eating a piece of chocolate could be so good for you. Vanessa even made it a plastic free bag that the chocolate bar comes in compost able. Tasting the gourmet Hnina bar is very satisfying, you don't have to eat the entire thing at once to enjoy it. It does not compare to products you would buy over the counter in a grocery store. This is made with all natural ingredients, that aim to please your palate. The raw cacao in the bar is organic and fair trade from the Dominican Republic, the organic pure maple syrup is from Vermont, and the organic vanilla beans come from Papua New Guinea. How's that for ingredients! Now its not a overly sweet raw dark chocolate bar, there is a big difference from shelf chocolate. So if you have never tasted this type of bar, it may take some getting used to. But once you do, you will love it. There is nothing like homemade gourmet crafted products. If you love chocolate it will satisfy your chocolate craving. One or two squares of the Hnina raw dark chocolate bar is all you need. When you put it into your mouth it is very creamy once it starts to melt. For a product with only three ingredients, the taste, texture, and flavors are amazing.


The last and final product from Hnina is a bag of raw sprouted seeds. They are little squares of all natural ingredients made with raw sprouted pumpkin, flax, sunflower and sesame seeds, bound together with a touch of pure maple syrup. This product as well as all Vanessa's products are organic, non gmo and vegan, as well as kosher. The raw sprouted seeds when you bite into them taste like a yummy seed cracker. There is a crisp to them, and the over all taste is very delicious. These are a great snack for any time of the day, for the entire family, kids to. All toll there is only five ingredients in Hnina, raw sprouted seeds, and a burst of flavors that I have never had the pleasure to taste before. The family really enjoyed having one, and I could see using them in some recipes as well as eating them from the bag. Crumbled onto a smoothie, on top of ice-cream, or even on top of a sprout salad. It's always fun to be creative with food.

There are so many other products Hnina offers, and if you are interested please visit the website

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