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March 20, 2019

Organic Zucchini from our Organic urban farm

We often think that beauty comes outside in.

Women are the most social being on the planet (not from me but from Emile Durkheim) and just love to feel confident. As women, we appreciate very much to look good, to have a beautiful make up applied (I love it too especially when it is clean and it is not going to inflame my body), effective skincare routing (or procedures), getting our hair done... Nevertheless, we often do not think that real beauty comes from what we don't see that is inside of us. We don't eve think about what we put on our skin, lips or eyes. 

Berries and peas  from our organic urban farm

The most important tool for beauty is really our gut.

When our gut is clean, our skin looks incredible. And this feeling of being accomplished, proud with our self and healthy create an aura around us that makes us even more beautiful. 

Hnina Raw npasteurized beauty ingredients and functional food

To give you an example, after delivering my twin babies, I developed a major candida. Probably hormonal fluctuation? The result was that my skin developed big pimples under my lips and it was as if I had acne as an adult which, BTW I never had before. 

My diet which was already pretty hard since pregnancy (I stopped any refined sugar because of my twin pregnancy and the risks associated with its consumption while pregnant with two babies) and, from that point on, became even stricter: I would not eat ANY sugar whatsoever, even fruits.

Organic green beans from my urban farm

It took me 3 months to completely get rid of it and my skin came back to normal. 

Hnina Raw Dark chocolate was the only thing I would have and I even created a special detox bar that I am using when detoxing my body (it just contains a little of raw unpasteurized dates instead of the little amount of raw honey or pure maple we usually use in our raw dark chocolate.  As you all know, for Hnina the less unprocessed alive sweetener, the best it is! 

Organic Mulberries from my urban farm

FYI love the cosmetic industry which has been my specialty since I started my career as an International Marketing and International Business Developer.

Although I love clean cosmetics, I do really believe that our inside well being is our main tool to feel and to be beautiful, attractive, stay young and thrive. 

Vanessa International Business Developer, mom of twins, entrepreneur and raw dark chocolate lover

Raw dark chocolate in particular is incredible as an anti-ageing and a beauty tool from your kitchen.

Number 1, it acts as a prebiotics in your gut, which helps you to feel confident (and happy!). Number it contains so many antioxidants that it can protect from oxidative stress and UV radiation. 

We shine from inside and the glow comes out. 

I wish you all a wonderful day!


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