Some Chocolate Makers Rely on Child Slave Labor Not HNINA Gourmet... TEAM MEMBER TESTIMONIAL

April 11, 2018

Jefferson Wang Hnina Team member

Many people only care about the “taste” of chocolate.

Hnina Pure Raw dark Chocolate is composed of Organic Fairtrade Kosher certified raw cacao

But it’s about much more than that.

You must also consider the ETHICS of how the chocolate is made. Fair trade chocolate is so essential to recognize.

Most people have no idea that child slaves are used to make their favorite chocolates.

In March 2016, Fortune magazine revealed the truth in their shocking piece, “Behind a Bittersweet Industry.”

An estimated 2.1 million West African children are forced to do “the dangerous and physically taxing work of harvesting cocoa,” writes Forbes.

“Hundreds of thousands of children are used as free labor by their own families and often asked to take on dangerous tasks like harvesting with machetes or hauling 100-pound bags of beans. For many, school is not an option.”

Young boys said they were “beaten and forced to work long hours without pay.”

I can hardly believe I’m even writing this. It’s shocking to think that child slave labor still exists in the world today

But it’s important for people to know the truth about how their favorite chocolates are made.

Jefferson is a 22-year-old HNINA fan, former aspiring chocolatier, now doing it for real as a HNINA team member!

Jefferson Wang Team member Hnina

He was searching for a better, more ethical chocolate, fair trade chocolate.

A year ago he wrote me the following email:

“I’ve always been a chocolate lover, yet I was very aware of the many issues within this industry, such as artificial additives, child slave labor, etc.”

“I first heard about HNINA whilst doing an online search for healthy decadent chocolates. This company stood out to me as one of the few that respects the basic principles of good food, and as such, I definitely had to try.”

He's right.

For starters, HNINA does NOT use any cocoa sourced from farms that use child slaves.

That’s an unthinkable “no no.” You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to do that.

HNINA uses only certified FAIR TRADE chocolate.

We source our ingredients from ethical farmers fact, one beautiful family farm in the Dominican Republic. This makes our products sustainable, while respecting our fellow humans (because why on earth would anyone make a product if it's going to hurt someone else in the process?...especially kids??!!! I just don't get it.)

HNINA is proud to be listed in as an ethical chocolate company.

And of course, the taste of our chocolates is divine…

Organic raw dark Chocolate Sprouted Macadamias + Pistachios

“Before HNINA, I would jump from one chocolatier to another, looking for the perfect blend chocolate. As my taste for chocolate got more refined, I would become more and more selective,” says Jefferson.

“Ever since I've started eating HNINA’s chocolate bars and truffles, I’ve never been able to touch other chocolates. In fact, many other chocolates taste overly bitter or overly sour. It’s the same phenomenon as in a good black espresso shot. You can really tell a good chocolate by its flavor. Not only do other chocolates taste overly sweet, you don’t get that perfect balance of flavor you find in HNINA’s dark chocolate.”

Amen to that!

“Each time I open my box to cut myself a piece of [HNINA] chocolate, a smile lights up on my face. After eating, I feel very satisfied. These truffles not only hit that chocolate craving, but it satiates your body’s appetite for nutritious foods,” he says.

Fact: HNINA chocolates are one of the most nutritional foods on the planet! (That’s why eating just one bite can make you feel completely satisfied.)

“I am a graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and Food Service Management…so I know what I’m talking about when I talk about good chocolate,” Jefferson adds.

“My favorite HNINA product is the Lightly Roasted Pecan Pine Nut Brick. I love pecans, and that combination with the pine nuts really hits the spot. I especially love the bricks, because not only are they a great deal for the amount of chocolate you get, but I have never seen anyone else offer such a large, amazing truffle.”

Cross Cut of an organic Raw Dark Chocolate brick made with Certified organic, Fairtrade and Kosher raw dark cacao.

"I used to save to afford my weekly HNINA fix.  Healthy eating is a priority for me.  Can I tell you how happy I am with my employee discount now?  I just have to be careful not to take too much home....I work in chocolate heaven." 

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