August 29, 2016

Hnina Organic Raw dark Chocolate includes vanilla beans

Organic Vanilla Beans

Organic vanilla beans is so precious.

The price of the organic vanilla beans doubled between last year and even more this year. At 400$ a pound, can you imagine??? Unfortunately, due to the rampant use of pesticides spray, there’s been a major shortage of organic vanilla beans going on this year. Vanilla is one of the main ingredients that goes into our chocolates.

Some areas such as Madagascar or Papua New Guinea — where they grow vanilla beans — lost almost their entire crop of organic vanilla this year. Why?

Because the bees are either leaving or dying, thanks to excessive pesticide use.
You cannot grow crops without bees to pollinate! Duh!

You can say that in life relationships play a big role. Thank to our amazing provider we have been able to secure enough vanilla bean for this year. What about the next one? We don’t know.

It is though certain that prices will go up as spraying even more abundantly takes over organic production.

Hnina uses raw vanilla beans despite a huge cost

Now you will ask me why don’t we use a synthetic form of vanilla or vanilla extract?

Vanilla beans contains an amazing source of nutrients magnesium, calcium, manganese, B complex. It is anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti depressant and also has aphrodisiac properties. So imagine when you combine the epicathecin, the theobromine, the flavonoids of the raw cacao and the vanilin of the beans together what your body and mind get?

Organic Vanilla Beans

Imitation vanilla flavoring relies on lignin vanillin.

It is  a chemically compound which contains glycerin, a glycol or an alcohol base.

We will never touch the processed vanilla made into lab.

Nature brings us what we need.

We just need to care for her. We are supporting farmers who grow organic treasures.

No labs can replace bees or spice.

For us, this is all what we believe in. Pure goodness found in nature, no processed food.

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