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Journalist Eats REAL Chocolate...Gasp!

February 20, 2018

Vanessa Ron and their twins eating Hnina

"I Was Hooked on HNINA Chocolates"
Journalist Jay Weston Confesses

But he also knows the dangers of eating bad, sugar-filled "chocolate" products lurking on the market.

Organic raw dark Chocolate Sprouted Macadamias + Pistachios
"I’m nuts about chocolate. Especially dark chocolate," he writes.

"But as a veteran food writer, I am also well-informed about the perils of’s really poison in the body, yet almost impossible to avoid. What to do about my chocolate addiction?"

Luckily, Jay discovered Hnina chocolates.

He found that our products allowed him to satisfy his addiction in a healthy way!

While writing an article for a wine bar in Beverly Hills, Jay says, "The answer came... As I was leaving one evening, the owner Jordane handed me a beautifully-wrapped chocolate truffle and told me to taste it. I got into my car and headed home down Wilshire and put the chocolate truffle into my mouth. I actually stopped my car and gasped in pleasurable disbelief. It was certainly one of the most unique chocolate experiences of my life."

Organic raw dark Chocolate Coconut Sprouted Almonds + Brazil Nuts
He was referring, of course, to HNINA chocolates!

Who is HNINA? We are the chocolate company!

We make and sell the healthiest chocolates on the planet!  Some say the known universe.

From organic raw chocolates, to sprouted nuts and seeds, and nut butter spreads, we offer a tempting array of healthy delicious snacks for the health-conscious person.

(Get your own truffles here.)

"When I got home, I read the brochure that came with it from cover to cover. Then I went to the website of the people who made the I learned that a French woman, Vanessa Morgenstern-Kenan and her husband, Ron Kenan, were making these chocolates here in L.A. under the name HNINA," Jay writes.

"The chocolates are made from a raw single-origin Grand Cru cocoa paste from a small farm in the Dominican Republic which took Vanessa four years to find. The sprouted nuts and seeds come from small often local farms."

"The taste, texture, flavors and aromas of each chocolate truffle does not come from anything added to it but just from the quality of the ingredients, which are pure, traceable, raw, alive, full of life, enzymes and endless nutrients...Oh, my, here was something which I had to explore further."

Decadent nutrient dense organic raw nuts with pure Fair trade organic raw dark cacao mass
By this point, Jay's curiosity was at an all-time high.

He admits:

"I went to their website and bought a Rocks Box....12 pieces of assorted chocolates for what seemed like an outrageous expense, $50! But I was too intrigued to stop now."

"When the box arrived, it was heavy; the truffles alone weighed 12 oz. and was packaged in what I later learned was bio-degradable, recycled craft paper made with wind energy. Each truffle was cradled in the stunning box and atop the whole was a sheet explaining what each individual chocolate contained."

"I then did the unthinkable....taking a bite from several of them. I was hooked....on HNINA."

Wow, thanks Jay, for writing about us! I love it!

That's a line we hear often: "I tried HNINA and got hooked!"

We're creating positive "addicts" all over the U.S.! People from athletes to celebrities and pregnant moms are getting hooked on our healthy gourmet chocolates!
Organic raw dark Chocolate Sprouted Macadamias + Pistachios ganache
(Please note: if you're pregnant, eat our chocolates in moderation.)

"And the nuts and seeds are sprouted! Who does that?! This inspired concoction I thought to myself is the mother of all superfoods. I was ready to rush out a buy a few dozen boxes," says Jay.

"Indeed, I reflected and realized that this was the healthiest, divine, nutritious, gourmet rewarding guilt-free raw vegan chocolate in the world...Yes, I reasoned with myself, I would be doing myself a big favor eating these incredible chocolates."

Jay is right on all counts.

Being the healthiest on the planet, an "addiction" to HNINA chocolates is a good thing.

All of our products are super nourishing. They flood your body with beneficial nutrients (...not like the junk you find at grocery stores, or high end chocolate shops for that matter).

We scoured the US and the world for the best organic farms to bring you the purest ingredients.

Give yourself the gift of great nutrition. Indulge in our chocolates and truffles.

(Don't be surprised if you try a bite and get hooked, too!)

Lots of love,

P.S. Our sprouted nuts and seeds (by themselves) are also extremely GOOD! Warning: they're probably more addictive than our chocolates.

Order your first bundle of sprouted nuts and seeds here.

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